Urban refuse fermentation plants

Efficient use of resources // Effective climate protection

The increasing world population and economic growth are putting more and more pressure on our natural resources, our environment and our climate.

Therefore, we need to use energy, space and raw materials much more efficiently. This includes reusing resources and waste to produce new materials or energy within the framework of a closed-loop economy.

We can show you that this sustainably benefits regional value creation, the environment and the population. The recycling of materials with energy generation from organic residues is sustainable and economically viable.

Current situation – uncontrolled rubbish dumps

In many parts of the world, refuse is disposed of on uncontrolled rubbish dumps without any further processing. Frequent fires and the emerging effluent permanently destroy the environment and the quality of life in the entire vicinity. Whole families attempt to survive as refuse pickers under the most appalling and inhuman conditions.

Our aims

  • Energy generation from the residual organic materials
  • Reclamation of valuable raw materials through recycling (glass, plastics, metal, paper, textiles)
  • Secure jobs
  • Production of valuable fertilizer and compost
  • Climate protection
  • Groundwater protection
  • Removal of health risks

We can only achieve real sustainability through the interaction of social, ecological and economic improvements.

The modular AEV solution

We can plan and build a modern refuse processing plant for you. The first stage of this consists of a sorting facility that separates reusable materials, organic residues and non-utilizable waste. The reusable materials are industrially recycled. In the second stage, the organic residues are processed in a biogas plant to produce electricity and heat as well as valuable fertilizer or compost. In the third stage, the non-utilizable waste is deposited in an environmentally friendly manner in a liquid and gas-tight landfill. The resulting landfill gas is also used for electricity and heat production.

For this purpose, we recommend a modular special solution that is quick to construct, consisting of a sorting facility and a fermentation plant.

Sorting facility:

  • Vehicle weighbridge
  • Solids dosing feeder with sack opener
  • Conveyor and sorting belts
  • Pre-separation for bulky materials
  • Robust drum sieve with various gap sizes
  • Special separators for further separation
  • Sorting stations for manual sorting
  • Baling press
  • Sorting hall for all the described modules as well as administration rooms and spare parts store

Fermentation plant:

  • Reliable disinfection
  • Automatic solids dosing and size reduction of the biomass
  • Insulated and encased stainless steel containers with stainless steel membrane as cover
  • Service shaft and submersible-motor agitators for simple installation and maintenance
  • Patented contaminant removal
  • Variable, external gas storage
  • Pre-assembled equipment container and CHP plant container
  • Lagoons for storage of fermentation residue