Technology & plant maintenance

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We offer you both components and complete turnkey biogas plants. Our approach is thereby always the same: innovative, well-made, robust and economical. This encompasses, of course, the delivery, start of operations and, if you desire, also a maintenance contract.

Our products include:

Gas flare
So that in the event of an abnormality no methane is released into the atmosphere, an additional combustion facility is compulsory. Here, we use reliable, space-saving gas flares.
Gas storage
In order to increase the flexibility of your plant, we work with strong, large-volume, double-membrane gas storage systems that can be installed externally or on top of the containers. For safety, they are fitted with over/under-pressure protection.
Whether above or below ground, with or without heating and insulation, whether steel or reinforced concrete, large or compact: with us you get your own individual solution.
Heat storage
In the drive for flexibility, the installation of heat storage may be necessary. Steel and reinforced concrete containers are available in all sizes. We would be pleased to inform you about current support programmes.
Solid material input
Depending on your substrate, we supply you with dosing feeders including size-reduction and transport technology in all sizes. For urban refuse we also offer sorting equipment.
Substrate pumps
we select for you rotary pumps for high volumes and with low maintenance costs as well as rotary piston pumps and eccentric screw pumps for higher pressures and a dry matter content of over 20 %, independently of any particular manufacturer.
Especially for refuse fermentation plants, disinfection facilities are necessary. We plan and build these for you.
CHP plant
The CHP plant needs to be chosen very carefully. We recommend a complete package that has been tested and is ready for operation, mounted in a container. In addition to the efficiency, ease of maintenance and reliability are decisive factors, of course.
Gas processing
For problem-free operation of the CHP plant and the reduction of harmful exhaust gases, gas processing is necessary. Here, we utilize particularly cost and energy- efficient gas cooling and warming systems, and activated charcoal filters.
For typical applications we use screw separators or decanters to separate the fermentation residue into its liquid and solid components. This allows, for example, the necessary storage volume for liquid fermentation residue to be reduced.
Agitation equipment
They need to be robust: we equip your containers with horizontally and vertically adjustable, submersible-motor agitators (power rating 2.2 - 18.5 kW). In combination with a service shaft, maintenance can be performed quickly and safely.
Of course, all parts of the system must be connected to each other. We use PE and stainless steel pipes and lay them for substrate and biogas adapted to your plant.

Service and Maintenance

In the case of a breakdown or the failure of a component it goes without saying that we supply you with replacement parts quickly and without complications:

  • Availability around the clock
  • Including installation if desired

Problems and breakdowns can be avoided through preventative and consistent maintenance according to our maintenance plans. Here also, we provide support. Our aim is the viability of your investment. Our service spectrum includes the following:

Pump and agitator technology

Pumps and agitators are exposed to extreme stress and require consistent care and maintenance. They are the most important mechanical components of the plant. You should not take any risks with them. Preventative repairs and reliable maintenance can save you hard cash.

Gas flare maintenance

Every year we organize a gas flare maintenance tour throughout Germany. Our qualified service technician inspects gas flares and compressors from well-known manufacturers. Contact us so that nothing stands in the way of the security of your plant.

Gas leak location

Over time, leaks can occur unnoticed in gas-containing plant components (especially in gas storage membranes), which can lead to considerable gas release. We detect even the smallest leaks using a special gas camera that makes methane visible and thus avoid unnecessary losses.

Save money! Increase security! Protect the environment!

We not only support you with the maintenance of your technology but also with the biological, technical and economic optimization of your plant. In the future, biogas will continue to be the crucial energy source in a sustainable and reliable energy supply.