Preparation for the second remuneration period of the Renewable Energy Act (EEG)

Expansion and flexibilization

Laws, regulations and rules change constantly. This is especially true of the EEG. With the EEG 2017 the door was opened for a second remuneration period in the form of an invitation for tenders. This brings with it risks, but also creates unforeseen possibilities for future plant operation.

To take advantage of this, your plant must meet certain requirements, which are generally summarized under the term "flexibilization". The aim is electricity production from biogas that corresponds with demand.

Our tip: flexibilize your plant already today and profit from the flexibility bonus.

Requirements for your plant:

  • The CHP plant must be extended.
  • Sufficient gas storage must be available.
  • A specified flexible mode of operation must be adhered to.

We therefore increase your installed capacity with an additional CHP plant. The biogas production and rated output remain unchanged. The stored biogas can then be utilized according to demand.

Biogas can do what other energy sources cannot do. Biogas can be flexible.

Flexibility bonus and allowance

Until the second remuneration period, so within your normal EEG remuneration time of 20 years from the start of operations, you receive the flexibility bonus (Flexprämie) for your excess output capacity. In simplified terms this is 130 €/kW annually.

Example: You generate 400 kW of electrical power using an installation with 800 kW capacity.

Flexibility bonus = € 130 * (800 kW - 400 kW * 1.1) = € 46,800 annually

You receive the flexibility bonus in addition to your current remuneration.

In the second remuneration period, provided you have installed double capacity, you receive the flexibility allowance (Flexzuschlag) of 40 €/kW annually.

Example: You generate an average of 400 kW of electrical power. In order to be allowed to feed this into the grid, you must have installed 800 kW of capacity (double capacity) Flexibility allowance = € 40 * 800 kW = € 32,000 annually

You receive the flexibility allowance in addition to the remuneration you achieved in the tendering procedure, which has a maximum of 16.9 ct/kWh.

Further additional revenue is also possible! Please feel free to ask us about this.

In the course of flexibilization we will also bring your plant up to the latest standards according to the new fertilizer regulations (DüV), the VDI 3475 guidelines and the regulations on plants for handling water-endangering materials (AwSV).